Sharing Christ’s love since 1876!
      2016 was the 140th anniversary of Grace Church

Missional PriestRev. Nathan W. Ives

Associate Priest – Rev. Efren Supangagracechurchpainting
Organist  – Richard Mueller, Anthony Pandolfe
Parish Administrator – Joyce Steimer

Please join us Sunday Mornings for Worship at 10 a.m. Year-round.

Weekly Meetings held at Grace Church 
    Tuesdays   — Choir Practice @ 7 pm
    Thursdays  — AA Meeting @ 12 noon
    Monday, January 23rd, 2:00 pm Knitting Group, come and learn a craft 


Oil Painting By Helen Dewey

The first episcopate in the United States was formed in Connecticut under native son, Samuel Seabury, of Groton. He preached his first sermon as Bishop in June 1785. Ordained a deacon in June 1872, another young man, William Buckingham, moved to Stafford Springs to live, holding morning services there and afternoon services in Rockville. 

The panic of 1873 and The Great Flood of March 1877 were financial disasters. With help from the Diocese and faithful parishioners a new lot was purchased from Julius Converse, owner of the Hotel and Mineral Springs for $750.00. The cornerstone was laid in September 1877 and the parish, Grace Episcopal Church, held their first service in the basement on Easter, April 13, 1878. Grace Church was consecrated on December 3, 1878, and has been serving faithfully ever since.

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